Tools to Make Life Easier - Templates & Design Guides

All the information and tools you need to design Finao products. To make life easy, you can access this page with all our downloads directly from the design section of any product page or from your account dashboard. If you have any questions or need help using our templates please contact We're always happy to help!

Design Specs

Before placing your order check out these notes to be sure your image files are problem-free.

For Those Who Like to Design Their Own Albums

  • We don't require that you use any propriety software or templates. You are free to design your album your way in whatever software, service, or templates you are comfortable with as long as you can export 300 PPI .jpg files.
  • To get you up and running we provide product-specific, downloadable Adobe Photoshop templates to help you design the layout of spreads and cover images. See the Finao Downloads section, below, for template availability. You are also welcome to contact our Image Police for friendly and personalized assistance.
  • For InDesign users: avoid this common mistake. Make sure that your linked image files are at the proper resolution before saving your page designs as hi-res .jpgs.
  • If you are considering pre-packaged software and template solutions, Finao's album templates and specifications are included in Fundy Designer, ProSelect, Smart Albums, and Album Stomp. Also check out our Playmates page for a list of our recommended providers.

Important Points to Remember:

  • We do not check your files for accuracy; this is your responsibility. We spot review as many first-time orders as possible, but this is not a guarantee.
  • If you are a new customer or ordering a new product and want us to review your order, please contact us. We'll help make sure that all the files have translated successfully.
  • Our products are handcrafted, so each page block is individually trimmed. To allow for slight variations in trimming you must create spreads with a standard 3/8th inch safety margin around the outside edges; these are indicated in our templates. It helps to place edge images that are a little larger than you need, and make sure that no text or critical elements fall within the 3/8th inch safety margin.
  • Please check your work. Don't cut corners! It's really not worth it. This step will take about 10 minutes for albums (less for other products) and can save you time and repair or replacement charges. Open each spread or image and view it at 100%; look over the entire page. You may not notice mistakes or potential block trimming issues at anything less than 100%. Viewing thumbnails is not enough to check for detail errors.
  • Printed image files must be 300 PPI in .jpg format. For laser etching, submit .jpg files in black and white with a resolution of 600 PPI.
  • Use sensible and helpful file names. For products that will require multiple files (like album spreads), please follow a standard numbering convention (i.e., 0001, 0002). The leading zeros are helpful for keeping images or spreads in the correct order
  • Upload your completed design files when you place your order online. Include all the images that you need for spreads, and cover designs or cover image openings. You will be able to arrange the thumbnails as they should appear in your album.
  • Each album product page lists the maximum number of leaves or sides that the item can contain. Except where noted, all Finao albums include 10 spreads/20 sides in the base price. You may contact customer service to request fewer pages, but this will not reduce the price.
  • For most albums, the maximum capacity is 50 leaves/100 sides. We can create larger albums by custom request; please contact us for consultation if your client needs something extra special.
  • We designed the MUSE™, playBOOK™, and playPALS™ to provide easy duplicates of our ONE™ album (and each other). They are available in the most common aspect ratios so that you can print a companion from the same spread files as your primary album. Our Aspect Ratios chart lists compatible sizes to make creating your album packages easier.
  • For duplicate album orders, we recommend creating your initial design in the largest size of your set. Spreads from a larger album can be scaled down in Photoshop to fit a smaller album of the same aspect ratio. Please double-check the scaled images before ordering to avoid any problems.
  • Size all image files exactly for the desired album cover, opening size, page/spread size, or wall art you are ordering. For example, design a 12x12" inch horizontal album as 24x12" inch spreads. The first and last pages of right-start albums should be individual 12x12" inch files. Oversized or undersized images and spreads will not align properly, will not be trimmed correctly, or may even be rejected by our online order system, causing delays.
  • We cannot re-configure your uploaded files and recommend using our blank Adobe Photoshop templates (below) to make it easy to achieve the sizing you need.

There are as many color preferences as there are photographers, and every monitor has its display quirks. We do not color correct submitted image files; all file preparation is your responsibility.

  • We encourage you to order test prints for review before placing your order. Calibrate your monitor accordingly for the confidence that you and tour client will be pleased with your products.

  • Our experienced print staff calibrate their equipment frequently for consistent results and to make sure our print color is true to life. Photographic printing is a chemical-based process, so results can vary slightly over time. Please order albums that require identical printing in the same order.

Design Guides

Whether you're an album design newbie or looking for inspiration, our design guides are here to help.

No other album company offer as many cover upgrades and cover design options. Templates for cover upgrades such as ICE™ acrylic and Armour™ metal can be found on the feature pages that describe everything you need to know about each option.

The most affordable way to customize your album cover is with one or more cover material accent stripes, cut-out or indented cameo images, and foil imprinting (debossing). Take some time to review our downloadable Cover Design Guide for inspiration. We show hundreds of possible combinations for square, horizontal, and vertical albums. That may sound like a lot, but it does make it easy to identify your favorites. You'll know them when you see them. All have a unique order code to make sure you get exactly the style you want.

Size the image files for cover cut-outs 1/4" larger than the listed size as we tuck the image under the cover surface. Size image files for indentations exactly as listed in the guide.

Classic matted albums are the ultimate in luxury. It's easier than you think to add them to your IPS product line. Designing them may look complicated, but if you have basic Photoshop skills and use our spacing guidelines, it can be easier than you imagine. Download our Matted Album Design Guide for reference while working. Create the layout, and we will do the rest.

Finao Templates

Why should you use our standard templates when designing your album spreads?

Our products are handcrafted, so each page block is individually trimmed. To allow for variations in trimming, you must create spreads with a standard 3/8" safety margin inset from the outside edges. For a perfect album, images around the edges of the spread should be a little larger than you need, and be sure that no text or critical elements fall within the 3/8" safety margin. You should always review your template spreads at 100% to check for potential trimming issues.