Studio Samples


Sample products are one of your best investments. There is no better way to present your quality work and sales options; you can't sell what you don't show.

Help connect your clients with the wants and needs that encourage investment by putting products in their hands. Sales happen when they can touch and see beautiful albums. A client will fall in love once they hold your work and imagine themselves as part of it. Many album brands look similar in online images— when you and they see Finao products in person the difference in quality and craftsmanship becomes obvious.

When you design your samples, think big, think beautiful. Anyone can provide a plain black album. If your sample products show beautiful upgrades and options your clients will want them. Show them that by partnering with Finao you can easily make the album of their dreams, something truly personal that no one else has. We are always happy to help you brainstorm and create the perfect samples for your brand, just give us a call.

  • To help make this happen, we offer generous studio sample discounts on almost every Finao product every day. That's 25-40% off our regular prices when you need them, 365 days a year. We never make you wait for a sample sale, although sometimes we sweeten the deal even more with one.
  • To ensure we apply your discount correctly, you must indicate this when ordering; we cannot correct the pricing retroactively. You can purchase samples with our Friends with Benefits Finao Bucks and Sample Cash, but coupons are not valid for sample orders unless specifically indicated.
  • You can now easily purchase samples in the same order as regularly-priced Finao products.
  • Sample products are not for resale to clients or for personal, non-business use.
  • The annual sample maximum quantity and the pricing discounts vary by product. For most album styles, you can order up to three a year per product at the discounted price. If you have any questions about your annual sample allotment, please contact us. We are flexible and know that some studios may have multiple locations or different needs.
  • Sample albums must be different enough to show the depth of the product lines you are offering. For example, two 10x10" ONEs™ with black Miami Ink leather covers are too similar to promote the options in this line. A ONE™ with a leather cover and another with an ICE™ cover upgrade do show different features and will qualify.
  • We imprint all sample albums with STUDIO SAMPLE on the inside back cover or other similar location.
  • All sample album orders are subject to our discretion and review for compliance.
  • All sample discount offers are subject to change or discontinuation without notice. This probably won't happen, but we need to say it anyway.

Sample Policy Details

The amount of your discount and our annual quantity limits vary by product:

  • ONE™ & NextONE™ albums - 40% off (maximum 3 per year)
  • MUSE™ & Playbook™ flush mount albums - 25% off (3 per year)
  • Elements™ self mount albums - 25% off (3 per year)
  • Reveal™ slip-in matted album - 25% off (3 per year)
  • Casa™, Tribeca™, Chelsea™ & Marilyn™ matted print boxes - 25% off (1 per year)
  • Solo™ wall art - 25% off (1 per year)

See Your Work in Our Samples

We display samples of Finao products on our website, in advertising, and at relevant tradeshows and conferences. We create these with the beautiful images shared by our Finao family. We may ask your permission to create samples with your images and will always credit your work and treat them with respect. If you love Finao and would like to share your pictures, let us know and we are happy to consider them for sample display.