Product Packaging

Our slipcases and album boxes are not pre-built or one-size-fits-all. We custom fit every box and slipcase to your finished album. This may add time to delivery, but your set with have the fit and finish of a coutour suit. Clients expecting the best will appreciate our attention to detail. Slipcases and boxes are generally available for albums sized 8x8" and up. Add a few extra days of production time for all custom slipcase and album box orders.

Standard Packaging

With Finao, you receive your order packaged ready to deliver to your customer. Our standard packaging is easy to inspect and reseal and is included with the price of your order. Packaging varies by product and materials can vary slightly from those shown. For those special items and customers, choose from our upgraded packaging options or have us create something custom made. Newly updated standard packaging is coming soon!

Where possible, we use environmentally friendly packaging products. Our packaging peanuts are starch-based and biodegradable. We have to protect them well as they are a snacking favorite of our office dogs!

Album & Box Tote

Our classic black, vegan leather tote bag has a subtle cross-hatched finish, accented with gold-toned hardware. At 16x13" with a 4" gusset, it is sturdy and sized accommodate your largest and heaviest albums or print boxes. The straps have a 14" drop to carry or fit comfortably over your shoulder.

Use studio branding to your advantage. Add your studio die imprint to the front applique section of the bag and gift to your client. Or carry as subtle advertising to client meetings and reveal sessions. These tote bags are affordable, but even more so with our quantity discount of 10% with the purchase of 10 or more bags.

Classic Album Slipcase

Our classic slipcases make a sleek and beautiful home for special albums. Choose matching or coordinating material and add spine imprinting to create the look you want. A front v-notch creates easy access to your album. We have also custom made multi-volume slipcases of up to eight albums!

Clamshell Album Box

Our newest product addition, the MUSE™ box set, features a classic clamshell album box with the option of an acrylic cover panel or stripe. This box is available for purchase with any album, custom fit to your work.

Marilyn Envelope Slipcase

Choose a truly unique slipcase design in the envelope-style of our Marilyn™ matted image box. This custom-fit, hard-sided case is secured with a wrapped leather strap and snap closure and covered to match your single or accent album material selection. Where appropriate we will design the placement of main and accent materials and select black or white fabric lining as best suits your material.

Our envelope styling makes a statement in a range of applications. The design adds visual interest to a professional portfolio for the creative and performing arts. Boudoir clients love that it projects a combination of strength and femininity.

Tribeca Display Album Box

A custom fitted Tribeca box is the perfect home for an album with an image cover upgrade. The clear acrylic lid protects while keeping the display focus on your image. Or add a floating image to the cover in deckled edge fine art paper. Custom etching on your Tribeca cover adds a custom element with a subtle frosted look.

Casa Luxury Album Box

This solid wood album box is your best choice for large and heavy albums. The custom-fitted, two-piece box is styled like our matted print Casa™ and makes a beautiful tabletop display. It has two-piece construction with a lift-off cover that can fully coordinate with your album design, including with our Armour™, Bullet™ Erotika™, ICE™ or Wood panel cover upgrades. Choose from black or white lining with a coordinating lift ribbon and the option of studio branding. This quality box will protect your heirloom for a lifetime while allowing it to take center stage as a display piece. Deliver a fully-finished professional product to your client that's unlike anything else in the marketplace.