Image Stripe

An image stripe is a simple but striking cover upgrade exclusively for our ONE™ and nextONE™ series albums. Available in ICE™, Armour™, or Canvas, they add the styling of a vertical panoramic image—larger than a cameo cut-out but smaller than a full cover. The color of the cover material can act as a mat, enhancing or highlighting hues in your image. It all depends on where you want to place emphasis.

To increase the color depth and pop of an image, choose a cover material a shade lighter than the darkest color to enhance the darks, or a shade darker than the lightest color to make the highlights appear brighter.

Borrow the cover material color from your image to enhance the album style. A cover color that matches a dominant image color will expand the range of focus —the viewer will perceive the whole cover as a unit. Choosing a complementary colored material emphasizes and draws attention to the image stripe as a focal point.

  • Image stripes are placed vertically on the cover, offset to the right. Maximum one per cover
  • The width of an image stripe grows with the album width
  • Choose any material for your album spine & back (we recommend leather for stability and durability)
  • Available on ONE™ and nextONE™ albums sized 8x8" and up
  • Compatible with Signature or Modern spine cover styles
  • Bullet and Wood Veneer are also available as non-image stripes.

The templates for Image Stripes are included in the zip files for each product. You can find these on our Templates & Design Guides feature page.